Robyn Coetzee

In 2000 I finished a degree in Fine Art and Education, following which I taught for eight years. During this time I discovered the world of glass art, and was instantly drawn in. Since then I have continually developed my knowledge and technical skills with kiln-formed glass through short courses and master classes at the institutes of Liquid Glass and Warm Glass. In 2008 I made the decision to give up teaching and throw myself entirely into developing my career as a glass artist.

I have always been influenced by the wildlife of my African childhood and the British rural countryside. Six years ago I began concentrating on the creation of highly decorative glass birds and brooches, honing my skills to craft ever more sophisticated and stylised shapes. Whilst my main influence at present is birds, I also make hedgehogs, fish mobiles and jewellery.
Each item is a labour of love – and patience! First I cut and clean each tiny glass component. Each piece is then assembled by careful positioning, layering and then decorating before firing in the kiln. There can be up to four layers in one piece. Once fired, each is individually polished and drilled before gluing or preparing for display.

I am also currently developing my own technique of printing on glass using powdered glass with both made and found stencils. These create fine, lacy monochrome patterns.

Over the past ten years I have been selling my work through exhibitions, art trails, shops and galleries countrywide. Locally I sell through Fig, our shared co-operative shop on the popular Gloucester Road and also through the Bristol Tourist Information Centre.

Visit Robyn Coetzee at the Bath Christmas Market.