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The Sock Game is a simple, fun game that all ages can play. Spin the spinner to choose an item, then race your hand into the sock to find it before your opponent.

Either split into two teams and each play each other and keep score, or compete in a sock race where the sock is passed down along a line of players – the fastest team to find all the pieces wins.

Personalise your Sock Game and make it unique to your family. There are four blank spaces on the spinner board where you can write in the names of your own objects – chuck them in the socks and off you go!

Established by Jono and Nick, two competitive brothers, The Sock Game has been in their family for years since they first pinched a pair of their Dad’s walking socks and searched the house for pairs of items. Over time they have grown into seasoned Sock Game professionals; refining the game with the perfect sock (their Dad got his pair back) and ideal items, plus settling on the simplest rules for maximum fun.

They think​ you’ll love it as much as their family and friends have!

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