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Women and Girls provide reusable, hygienic sanitary protection to women and girls in India, where 88% of women use homemade alternatives to sanitary protection.

Period poverty in India is extreme, leaving women and girls’ health and wellbeing at risk. Many use old rags and cloths for their sanitary protection, but wash these in dirty water, which puts them at risk of chronic infection. The taboo around menstruation also means that they are incredibly unlikely to seek help if they have a problem.

The pads the charity provide are anti-bacterial, meaning they can be washed in dirty water and are still safe, clean and hygienic to use afterwards. They are also designed to be worn for at least six hours, meaning girls and women can go to school and work without fear – even if their school or place of work has no toilet. It costs £5 to give a woman or girl a pack of pads that will last for two years, giving her comfort, dignity and freedom during her period.

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