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Please note, this application is for retail chalets only. If your business intends to apply to sell hot food or drinks consumable onsite then you would have to complete a separate catering tender application. Please email and the Events team will contact you should any tendering opportunities arise for this year’s event.

This year’s Bath Christmas Market will run from Thursday 26th November to Sunday 13th December 2020 (inclusive).
* Subject to Bath and North East Somerset Planning and Licensing Committee consent and in accordance with Government guidelines.

The deadline for applications for this year’s Bath Christmas Market is Friday 19th June 2020.

Bath Christmas Market Year

Company Name

Chalet Name

About Your Products

Product Description

Please write up to 30 words to describe your business and the product(s) you intend to sell at the event. This will be used in the Bath Christmas Market marketing campaign. We reserve the right to edit/reduce these words as required.

Product Detail

Please include as much information as possible about the products you intend to sell. The more detail you provide, the better we can assess your application. Applicants will only be considered if a detailed description is given and the application is accompanied by photographs or samples of your product.

Details of Association/Organisation/Guild Registry

(e.g. British Toymakers Guild, British Association of Fair Trade Shops). Evidence must be sent with the application.

Retail Mix

Please highlight the category that most represents your main product type. If you have a range of different products, please state what percentage of each category you will stock (e.g. 40% clothing, 30% toiletries, 30% accessories).

Please note, we will be making random checks and any stallholder selling items not detailed in their applications will be asked to remove them immediately.










Please note, catering businesses interested in selling hot consumable food or drink onsite are subject to a separate tendering process. Please do not complete this application. Off-sales only. Stallholders are responsible for the application for their own premises license.


Other (please specify)

Where and How Your Products Are Produced

To select multiple options, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each relevant response before letting go of Ctrl key.

Visit Bath, organisers of Bath Christmas Market, are committed to animal welfare. All stallholders must comply with this year’s company policy. Please note, products that are made of or consist of real fur are not permitted. For full details on our animal welfare policy please see our stallholder Application Information Pack.

You may be asked for proof of the above. Fair Trade certificates must be shown.

Please Give a Detailed Description of How Your Products Are Made and Where Your Materials Are Sourced


Sustainability is at the heart of Bath Christmas Market. As such, single-use plastics are not permitted and all stallholders must use environmentally-friendly biodegradable alternatives to common single-use plastic products such as product packaging, bags, bottles, straws, containers, cups and cutlery.

Please be aware that BATHNES’ Clean Air Zone will be introduced in 2020/2021. Click here for further information.

Please give a detailed description of the processes you will put in place to adopt sustainable travel during the event, and how your products are environmentally friendly.

Local Residents' Offer

As part of this application, all stallholders must provide a discount or incentive for residents (guaranteed on presentation of Discovery Card).

This does not need to be financial or a discount but must be an incentive for residents when visiting your chalet. This offer will be available to residents on Monday to Friday from 10am until close.

This year, as Bath Christmas Market is celebrating its 20th anniversary, we would like all Local Residents’ Offers to be 20th anniversary-themed, for example, a 20% discount on purchases over a certain spend, or a free gift with a spend of over £20 etc.

Price Range of Your Product(s)

Lowest Price


Highest Price


About You

First Name

Last Name

Company Number

This will be cross-referenced at Companies House to confirm business locality.

Address 1

Address 2

Address 3

Address 4




Website URL

Twitter Account

Instagram Account

Facebook Account

Mobile Number

If your application is successful, this mobile number will be used so that stallholders can receive instant Bath Christmas Market health and safety-related SMS messages during the event.

Landline Number

Email Address

Please tick box if you require a heater

Power for heaters is included in your allocated power supply and not additional (500 watts).

For health and safety reasons, only heaters hired through Visit Bath are permitted. Heaters are low voltage with low output.

Heater hire will be invoiced to be paid by BACS if you are allocated a chalet.

What Would You like to Book?

Zone Locations

Bath Christmas Market chalets are located in the following zones. In zones one and two, chalets are only available to hire for the full 18-day duration of the event. We also have short-term let chalets available (all located in Bath Street) for the first 11 days, or the last seven days, of the event. Applicants wishing to participate in the event for 18, 11 or seven days are able to request specific pitches in these areas, subject to an additional pitch request fee.

Whilst we do our best to accommodate all pitch request requirements, due to the popularity of certain pitches, these are not guaranteed.

ALL APPLICANTS: Please refer to the separate event site plan and payment schedule.

Zone One Chalets

Abbey Green (CT18–CT35), Abbey Street (BD71–BD73), York Street East (BD36–BD42), Abbey Churchyard (BD44–BD48, BD49, BD52, BD55–BD61), Abbey Churchyard (CT63–CT70), York Street West (BD74–BD78)

Zone One Corner Chalets

Abbey Churchyard (CC43, CC50, CC51, CC53, CC54, CC62)

Zone Two Chalets

Abbeygate Street (BD1–BD17), Union Street (BD121–CT129), Milsom Street (BD131–BD133, BD136–BD140, BD143–BD145, BD148–BD150)

Zone Two Corner Chalets

Milsom Street (CC130, CC134, CC135, CC141, CC142, CC146, CC147, CC151)

Bath Street Zone (BD79–BD120)

Chalet hire options available are as follows:

Bath Street 18 Days Thursday 26th November–Sunday 13th December (inclusive), or
Bath Street 11 Days Thursday 26th November–Sunday 6th December (inclusive), or
Bath Street Seven Days Monday 7th December–Sunday 13th December (inclusive)

Zone Number

For 18-day, 11-day and seven-day lets.

Pitch Request Fee

For 18-day, 11-day and seven-day lets.


For 18-day, 11-day and seven-day lets.

Chalet Type Requested

For 18-day, 11-day and seven-day lets.

Pitch Requested One

For 18-day, 11-day and seven-day lets.

Pitch Requested Two

For 18-day, 11-day and seven-day lets.

New for 2020 – Two-Day Chalet Lets

Bath Christmas Market is dedicated to supporting small, local start-up businesses, giving them a platform to showcase their unique handmade products. If your business meets this criteria and you wish to participate in the event but for a shorter period and at less cost, you can apply for a two-day let. Please note, we have very strict criteria for businesses who wish to apply for this opportunity. Applications will only be accepted from BATHNES-based businesses. Proof of address must be provided and a two-day let will only be offered to businesses or individuals who handmake their own products, which will be quality checked by our selection panel.

If you would like to apply for a two-day let, please indicate below which date you would like to attend.

If, due to popular demand, we are unable to offer you your preferred date, we will do our best to offer you an alternative.

Two-day let applicants will not be able to request a specific zone or pitch. This will be allocated to successful applicants before the event commences.

Returned Documents

Please ensure you have completed all of the following information and emailed us all the relevant documentation to enable us to assess your application.


By submitting this application form, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Bath Christmas Market 2020 Stallholder Terms and Conditions.

On completing this application form, I agree that in order for Visit Bath to fulfil their contractual obligations between Bath Christmas Market and its stallholders, it is necessary to hold and process all necessary stallholder information for the specific purpose of participating in Bath Christmas Market. This information will be updated as necessary, stored securely and never passed to third parties.

As part of your participation in Bath Christmas Market 2020, it is necessary for Visit Bath to contact you throughout the year to update you regularly in advance of the event. This may be by email, e-newsletter, post, telephone, or by SMS during the event.

For further information on the data we hold on you or to opt out at any time of being contacted regarding other markets, please email

Please note that our Events team cannot hold individual meetings to discuss applications or comment on product samples with applicants.

In the months ahead Visit Bath will be monitoring Government guidelines very closely so please be assured that the health and safety of visitors, local residents and all participants in the event is, and always will be, our utmost priority. We hope that due to the current COVID-19 situation, the event will be able to operate in some format whether this be on street with strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place and/or a virtual market with online sales. We hope that Bath Christmas Market can continue to support the city and as many local and regional businesses as possible.

If your application is unsuccessful, we are unable to offer individual feedback, so please accept that the decision of the selection panel is final. We do understand that it is disappointing not to be selected in the first instance, but please be assured that if you are allocated to the waiting list, we will contact you should a suitable opportunity arise.

We would like to thank every applicant for their interest and for applying to participate in Bath Christmas Market 2020.